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Derrick Powers #336408G
South Woods State Prison
215 S. Burlington Road
Bridgeton, New Jersey 08302

I have thirteen months left. I’m very excited about that. I’m physically sound. Throughout my incarceration I’ve maintained good health by consistently exercising my physique. I love to read and write, it’s peaceful and a pure type of focus when I’m really locked in.

I’m morally straight. I’m principled by standards of right behavior. I’m big on respect. I treat others how I wanna be treated, as well as wanting for others what I want for myself. I humbly listen when others speak so I truly understand them while at the same time putting my feet in their shoes so I can relate to them entirely. I have my life all figured out in it's entirety. I know what my life’s purpose is and I know all I want out of life. I just have to wait until my release date so I can properly execute my plans.

While I wait, there is a goal I can take on now to achieve productive success, and that’s friendship. Seeking patient, open-minded, honest, outgoing, fun, energetic, civil, creative, sensual, beautified core, and laughter are traits I recommend and characteristics I can cherish and enjoy endlessly now and upon release. 

Date of birth: 7/19/1992
Height: 6’0”     
Education: High school graduate        
Occupation before prison: Window Company Renewal by Anderson 
Earliest release date: 6/12/2024     
Maximum release date: 6/12/2024
Would you like letters from both sexes? Women     
(Question does not refer to sexual orientation)
Can you receive email? Yes   
If yes which email service? Via JPay.com       
Can you respond to email? Yes
Activities in prison: Exercising, reading, writing, business management pertaining to real estate  
Anything Else? Spiritual Islam

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