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Darnell Vinson #765345
Southern Ohio Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 45699
Lucasville, Ohio 45699

I am inviting those of you looking for positivity, laughs, and an escape to a soothing, healthy connection. We are all in an objective world of ongoing toxicity and seek companionship that helps ease pain, frustration, and tensions from our day to day lives while keeping faith that love becomes a magnifying focal point in one's universe. Faith plus love, an undying bond, when building a bond between beings we often have to overcome unknown or known forces of pressure that act against manifest destiny, like gravity.
Know that a bond is also a force itself, like a magnetic energy. Life is karmic which likely brought you to my bio and these very words, but for will power have the decision or choice of action. Whatever you decide in life be sure to manifest people who, like me, bring growth and elevation. Although prison is challenging in every aspect of the human anatomy, I have taken this part of my life’s destiny head on and have chosen to become a more enlightened and advanced being while also offering intellect in business, etc. But also accepting everything I may lack in life.
In the short span of time we have on earth, I know life is meant to be cherished with those who truly love you and I take on all challenges in finding and creating lifelong bonds so I can take the first step in this journey.  

Date of birth: 4/15/1997
Height: 5’10”
Education: GED     
Occupation before prison: 
Earliest release date: 11/19/2104  
Maximum release date: Life     
Would you like letters from both sexes?  Women   
(Question does not refer to sexual orientation)
Can you receive email? Yes
If yes which email service? via JPay.com    
Can you respond to email? Yes  
Activities in prison:  
Anything Else? 

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