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Cody Evans #15A4322
Attica Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 149
Attica, New York 14011-0149

Hello, I’m a laid-back cool fella, very energetic and I only like to do what I like to do. I am a writer of all genres for film and tv or new streaming services.

I’m looking for and interested in meeting other writers to either work together, become friends and even business partners. I was enrolled in New York Film Academy before my incarceration, but I didn’t start because I wanted to go to the school in California, not New York. I’ve been dedicated as a writer since I was 18 years young, and I have an arsenal of stories that are all original of almost all genres.

I hope to meet other writers because I believe more than one mind can make or create something great or even legendary to be remembered forever. I just hope to build a team of writers, or any involved in film because I plan to start my own production company once released.

Well, I’ll end this with just send me a message and we can learn more.

God bless you.  

Date of birth: 1/28/1993
Height: 5’10”  
Education: GED  
Occupation before prison: off the books
Earliest release date: 12/19/2024  
Maximum release date: 9/9/2026  
Would you like letters from both sexes? Both
(Question does not refer to sexual orientation)
Can you receive email? Not at this time
If yes which email service?  
Can you respond to email?
Activities in prison: exercise all forms or types
Anything Else? I write. I am a writer.

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