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Chris Gammons 360838
ASPC-YUMA Cibola Unit
PO Box 8909
Yuma, Arizona 85349

Hey, I'm Chris. I would like to connect with you. I have some time available and am interested in connecting with a kind and compassionate person who understands people can make mistakes in life and still have goodness in them! I'm a tall lanky guy with a fast metabolism, which would be great if all I did was sit around, but, I work out daily with some of the guys here; so, getting enough calories can be a challenge! LOL! I also spend time studying, and since my math skills are a bit below par, that's where my focus is currently. I also study Icelandic cultural beliefs called Asatru'. It's not a religion exactly, more of a belief in the natural world and the balance of nature....getting back in life what you give out!

I'm a father, but, not currently in contact with my school age son. His mom and I are estranged and that makes it hard to have a relationship with him. My hope is that someday we'll be able to re-connect and establish a healthy relationship. I think of him often and send loving energy to him! I keep in contact with my mom. My regrets in life will hopefully affect the way I make future decisions, by learning from my mistakes. Ok, so, you have some background on me, a little information about who I am and my thoughts about life....maybe we could write/text and become friends? Give me a try!

Date of Birth: 8-1-80
Height: 6'1"
Education: High School
Occupation before prison: RV Rental Wash/Service
Earliest release date: 1/12/2032
Maximum release date: 1/12/2032
Would you like letters from both sexes? Women
(This does not refer to sexual orientation)
Can you receive email: YES
If yes, which service: Securus
Can you respond to emails: YES
Activities in prison: Working out with fitness focused inmates. Studying Asatru' - Icelandic Cultural Beliefs. Studying Mathmatics for self-improvement.
Anything else:
Focusing on everything offered while incarcerated to improve societal opportunities/employment upon release. Working to maintain/repair relationships with family/loved ones.

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