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Amos Bullocks #B88906
Lawrence Correctional Center
10930 Lawrence Road
Sumner, Illinois 62466

I grew up fast, having been exposed to the true realities of life early on (drugs, gang violence, murder, etc.) growing up in the poverty stricken city of East St. Louis, Illinois, so my childhood was nonexistent.

As you can imagine, my life testimony began as early as age 12. Many trials and tribulations later subjected me to circumstances beyond my own control, as my environment contributed to my incarceration at 18. Unfortunately, having been thrust into the system at such a young age ultimately deprived me of experiencing what life truly has to offer. Merely the 89 blocks East St. Louis, Illinois consists of.

Taking the good with the bad and turning a negative into a positive, I refocused my attention on positive and productive aspects by furthering my education. Having earned my G.E.D., 2 Associate’s degrees and currently working on self publishing my very own urban magazine.

I’ve reached a different level of maturity now at the age of 29, whereas now more than ever before, I’m open, willing and curious to meet new people, take in different vibes/energies, experience different personalities, learn about different ethnological backgrounds and simply see what else life has to offer.

I genuinely have but one expectation and that’s to converse with genuine people and enjoy the genuineness in conversation. Now whereas to exactly these interactions and conversations may lead us, I’m optimistically open to all possibilities.

With that said, I sincerely hope and pray that I’ll hear from you soon.


Date of birth: 3/24/1994
Height: 6’0”    
Education: G.E.D.         
Occupation before prison:     
Earliest release date: 5/27/2050     
Maximum release date: 5/27/2053  
Would you like letters from both sexes? Women     
(Question does not refer to sexual orientation)
Can you receive email? Yes   
If yes which email service? Via connectnetwork.com and gtl.net       
Can you respond to email?
Activities in prison: Education/schooling, working out, writing music
Anything Else? Self-Publish Urban magazine! Working on appeal.

Notice: To verify all or some of the information given please click here