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William Alexander 00655687
Alfred Huges Unit
Rt. 2, Box 4400
Gatesville, Texas 76597

If you are reading pen-pal profiles like this one, then it is safe for me to say that you can read and write, and might even enjoy doing both. Or, you could have been surfing for porn and wound up on my profile instead, so I would  have to wonder what sort of porn you were really looking for. I'll write to anyone who wants to write, I have plenty of time to do that. The Judge gave me more time than God did, so you can probably see why. That's as good a place for me to start as any.For me, books are like a crack habit that is somehow socially acceptable, though no less expensive. If I have money left over after buying books, I'll try to buy food. I'm a junkie, I'll read anything. People often ask what kind of books I read, and all I can say is "The ones with words" which is about as narrow as I can make the answer.

I'm not going to give you any physical description, just assume that I look like Shrek and let's start from there, eventually we all end up looking like Yoda anyway. Plus, since I have been in prison most of my life, and could realistically be for the rest of it, you wouldn't have to embarrass your friends by being seen with me in public anyway. Though, if I did get out, you could always put a leash on me and tell your friends I was an exotic pet or something. It could work I suppose. I like to write interesting people, and have written to quite a few over the years, and still write to some after more than 20 years. I have a wide variety of interests that hit all over the map. The list goes from boots, boats, cars, and airplanes to computers, electronics, machines, then way left to music, literature, sewing & embroidery (Yup, can do).

I'm pretty opinionated and outspoken, which offends the insecure people more often than not, and makes the MENSA members laugh their butts off. I'm an anathema to stupid people, so if you fit that category, you can write, but I'll probably make fun of you anyway. If you are smarter than me, then you can make  fun of me, which for me, is much more fun.

I'm not looking for romance, though it could happen I suppose. Strong,smart,interesting women(and people in general) are lots of fun to me, but if you can't laugh at yourself....well.... I am not big on Control Freaks, and if the State of Texas is working this hard to do that, remember they don't need any help. It's not working well for them either.

I DO NOT need money and won't ask anyone for any, that's not a game I want to play, though I realize many convicts do. In here, I am a boot maker and do well at that when the State doesn't have me bound and gagged and tied to their whipping post while flogging me for their amusement and my Public Humiliation. I'm impossible to offend, so if you have any questions I'll give you a straight answer or tell you that it's none of your business, though I think that should work both ways. I live tattoos( on other people) but am a rebel, so I don't have any. So, maybe you want to write to someone in prison, and in that case , write and I'll write back. If you know who Jason Bolin (without having to Google it ) then you should certainly write because we'll get along just fine. If you actually LIKE Jason Bolin, then I'll probably pay you to write, because you obviously have good taste. If you think CCR stand for Creedance Clearwater Revival, you've missed it completely. If you are the kind of person who has to piss on the electric fence to find out it's really hot, then click NEXT on the screen and save yourself some heartache. For the people who don't take themselves too seriously, and didn't need their dictionary to understand this profile, I'd like to write you when you have the inclination to write.

Race: Caucasian
Date of Birth: 3-12-1971
Earliest Release Date:
Maximum Release Date: Life Sentence
Would you like letters from both sexes? Yes
(This does not refer to sexual orientation)     
Education: self-taught
Occupation before prison: Machinist
Activities in prison: Bootmaker, reading everything

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