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Travis Bluntson #1891070
Rt. 2, Box 4400
Gatesville, Texas 76597

My name is Travis, I am a 34 year old black male from Wharton, Texas. I'm a man in dire need of an understanding greater than that which my life has thus afforded me, caught up in the mist of life always. I don't claim to be the smartest man I know, but I'm far from being ignorant. Yet my life has become as stagnant as a pool of water. I constantly seek someone, anyone who can help to fill this void in my life and give meaning to what I thought prior to being subjected to my current situation was a given. For when you have people who love you and are loved by you, friends who helped to find what you like to accomplish or become in life. Hobbies that occupy and give substance to life, 95% of the time take life as we've come to know and expect it for granite. Never realizing and our comfort that is easier then we can imagine to become caught up with or victimized by our own ignorance. I would beg at this point that you bear with me in my efforts to have you understand why I seek your time. We all as I've learned the hard way have a story to tell or one that needs sharing if for no other reason than to try and find some degree of peace of mind in the Talon. Please, I implore you to allow me to share my mind with you!

Race: African American
Date of Birth: 6-26-81
Height: 6'2"
Earliest Release Date: 7-12-2018
Maximum Release Date:
Religion: Beleiver
Would you like letters from both sexes? Yes
(This does not refer to sexual orientation)     

Education: Graduated Continental Acadamy
Occupation before prison: An all around artist 24/7
Activities in prison: 
Drawing, working out, and studying legal work

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