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Russell McCoy #99A0559
Green Haven Correctional Facility
PO Box 4000
Stormville, NY. 12582-4000


In reading this I hope you keep an open mind and heart. I have been confined since the age of seventeen. (Google: Raise The Age N.Y.). I really look forward into building a solid foundation to friendship, finding a female companion and/or creating a networking system. I have a book "something you can feel" on a prison foundation (organization) website that can be red and/or download for free. I also had a poem published in a magazine.

For the most part of my incarceration I have been lonely. A few people to correspond with "here and there" and that "come and go" however, nothing substantial. I'm looking for a shot, so, I'm not putting my hands up, I'm engaging you to shoot. Take your best shot, so I'm not putting my hands up, I'm engaging you to shoot . Take your best as I will give you mine... best that is!

Friendship adds new dimension to one's life by learning from other peoples experiences, different concepts, culture and promotes positive energy upon a genuine motive. I am honest with a great sense of humor, love to write and being able to communicate with new people. It will be nice to get to know you. Nevertheless, judgment shall not be pass without acquiring knowledge so please don't judge me. To know me ______ me. (You fill in the blank). You must write to answer that. Hesitation will only lead you nowhere. Please don't procrastinate, I'm waiting on you.    


Race: Black 
Date of Birth: 11-19-79
Height: 6'1"
Education: GED
Earliest Release Date: 2034
Maximum Release Date: Life 
Would you like letters from both sexes? Women 
(This does not refer to sexual orientation)      
Occupation before prison: School
Activities in prison: Kitchen worker, legal researching, exercise, play scrabble, chess, read and listen to music

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