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Ray Azcarate #0062962
High Desert State Prison
P.O. Box 650
Indian Springs, Nevada 89070

If you are reading this, then you are interested in meeting someone new. In saying so, and before this goes any further, allow me to introduce myself properly.
Hi, my name is Ray. I’m a Panamanian/Puerto Rican man who enjoys music, sports and movies. I’m an honest, sensitive, loving man who is looking to meet beautiful heart human beings with great sense of humor. I’m in process of appealing my case and I have faith that I’ll get out someday and overcome my current situation, to reach out and live my dreams and goals of a positive future.
I have a great sense of humor as well as emotional depth, but need someone who is capable and willing to explore these attributes.
I will give everything that I can into each letter in hopes of you being that special someone with whom I can develop a meaningful and lasting friendship. I’m in hopes that my introduction leaves you with a lot to be desired and hopefully the barrier of awkwardness that keeps one from meeting a total stranger is eased…I mean if it weren’t for strangers there would be no friends and as fate would have it, we’ve been graciously blessed with opportunity to become acquainted with one another.
So, if what you read feels right to you, then take the next step and reach out to me. I’m only a letter away “You can also reach me by email at www.corrlinks.com

Race: Hispanic
Date of Birth: 7/2/1970
Height: 5’9”
Earliest Release Date: Unknown
Maximum Release Date: Unknown
Religion: Catholic
Would you like letters from both sexes? Women
(This does not refer to sexual orientation) 
Education: 1 ½ years in College (U.N.L.V)
Occupation before prison: Disc Jockey
Activities in prison: Work, Exercise, Listen to Music and Play Sports
Can you receive and send emails: Yes via www.corrlinks.com

Notice: To verify all or some of the information given please click here