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P.J. Emmitt #1383329
McConnell Unit, UCC 2-302
3001 South Emily Drive/B.O.L.
Beeville, Texas 77705

2012 Update: I'll be 36 in December. I've had this ad since 2009, since it's inception, I have accomplished the following: Paralegal certification, Fitness and Nutrition Training certification, and enough college credits to start my Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice. I start my BA next month on a Criminal Law focus and Public Policy. It's correspondence, and I take my proctored exams here. If I stay on track, I'll have my Masters Degree in Criminal Justice in two years flat. Live your dreams, accomplish what you set forth, and never let anyone hold you back from accomplishing your dreams.

Update 2014; April thereof

As of April 2014, I acquired enough credits to enter into a Bachelors degree program to business law with one Southwest University in Louisiana via correspondence. This degree remains in pursuit diligently, however, like anything in life, unforeseen circumstances have delayed completion of such (waiting to replace lost typewriter to complete essay mandates).

Due to the fact that my BA studies have been partially delayed, I decided to remain ever productive and enroll in a natural health certification program. On my BA, two history courses have been completed, along with American Criminal Justice. Also, I'll be starting an nonprofit organization with website access providing free health information. When completed, I'll provide web address.

Last, I want to say that no matter where one is at, he/she can feel imprisoned if your diet doesn't let you acquire the necessary B vitamins for the day.

May the good Lord be with each and everyone of you reading this. May he bless your hearts and soul to empower you to obtain your goals in life, for no matter where you are, you can accomplish anything in the world if you put your mind to it.

2017 March Update

I have completed the following

1. Jurs Doctoral Criminal Justice
2. PHD Law History
3. PHD Thycordal Metabolism
4. PHD Gastroentemology
5. BS, MA, and nearly thru with Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition

End update Summer 2017

As you can see above, my name is PJ, and hopefully it will be nice to meet you (smile). I am actually a Junior, so I was named after my father (what a nerd, right? just kidding). Actually, I have a wonderful relationship with two beautiful parents.  In fact, something my father said when I was a child has always stuck with me, he said I'd be lucky to have 5 good friends when I died, and because of that, when I meet someone I always think if that person will be one of them. I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, and have lived there most of my life, along with most all the rest of my family. It was really cool being raised in a big city and I really couldn't imagine it otherwise. I have been to some college in the world and have been back to some inside these walls. My biggest passions have become the law, fitness, and history.

What am I seeking? Just someone to talk to, who will accept someone at face value, and not be judgmental. Someone to share joy, laughter, sorrow, and pain with, and all the in between stuff too. When it comes to being a friend to someone, I'm as tolerant as they come and accepting as well. John 15:13 states, "no greater love is there than this; that he lay down his life for his friend". A true friend is a loving, special, and very real ands true friend. Like someone recently told me, reminded me really, we cannot divorce our friends and family neither. 

I'd say my virtues are tenacity and perseverance. At 39 years old, my desire to learn and educate myself is stronger than it ever has been in my life. Today I am somebody because I believe in myself and it's one of the greatest feelings in the world.

I challenge you to open your heart, mind, and soul to someone you've never met before. To step outside yourself and extend the hand of friendship to someone new. Take care, God bless, and remember this... "As long as you believe in yourself, you can accomplish almost anything in this world".

Update October 2017

I am complete with doctoral work and am now completing dual post doctorate courses; one is a focus on 'Iridology", which is the science of analyzing health of individuls by looking into their eyes, as they say, they are the 'window-to-the-soul' yet they are also a whole lot more than such. The second degree is called an I.M.D. (Integrative Medical Doctorate). What this degree focusses on is combining bodily health, with all corralative aspects of psychological health as well. In the field of natural health most all practitioners will believe in the corralative aspects of addressing both together. The best example I can provide is that any malfesance of gastrointestinal discord will effect how one cognates thought. This is our car engine of life and needs to be 'oiled' no less than a car; and, what does a car do when it has bad or no oil??? It locks up and ceases to function.

Anything in life is possible; it is all about altering ones perception and mind state. I am living proof of that matter.

God be with each of you

end update

I have completed my doctorate degree that I am or “was” working on; the entire degree was executed at the 4.0 level.

So many times in life we are faced with challenges that seem “insurmountable” ; yet, if we turn to meditation and prayer, divinity with such will always place us with those critical epiphanies that are..”directional, hence our celestial guidance thereof.

It’s easy to not be in tune with divinity for simplistic abrogation of divine word, for how can the divine be “hosted’ when the body/temple is “unclean”. This is also why I devoted my recent doctorate to natural health science and clinical nutrition, for when we purify the body, acquiescence to spiritual assimilation takes place in a whole new format; this is what one euphemizes as the 3rd eye, and the ‘pineal’. The proverbial stargate is humanistic to celestial format indeed.

Purgation of propagated malfeasance is in a lot of what we look at today; yet, when we focus on “self” we can decipher how to delineate what is his path for us….;so, staying on the path is not easy, yet when we stay with reverence to hi him we can thereby find sublime acquiescence to our correct path.

A play on words is what society calls “cancer”; the definition of such is from root-derivative of Latin called “Canker”, which thereby means “sore”; the only thing sore in the body when one has this determined, is our natural lymphatic systemic functionality thru the assimilation of thyroidal metabolism.

Next comes undoing the damage to our gastrointestinal systems that has been rendered thru processed foods; it’s then when we re-program our entire metabolism from that point, from diabetes, to lupus, to MS, to another auto-immune or metabolically condition; how best to correct such than correct ones metabolism itself.
Free-radicals are internal trash that the lymphatic system scavenges and alleviates when our metabolism functions correctly; if this does not occur, then the free-radicals coagulate like blood, and “swell” up into what is called “tumors”. This is what mainstream calls “cancer”.
This is not solved with more toxic substances that are deemed to be radioactive; it is solved by getting the lymphatic system back into correctly functioning.

You can accomplish anything on earth, you simply have to set your mind to do so…

May god allow each of you to find your path.


Mainstream medical society calls “Tinnitus” a “condition”. This adjudication is erroneous, for what is happening to the lymph nodes by the ear swelling up causing the ringing of the ears, and this is merely a “warning-symbol” that ones body has consumed a toxic substance.
Analysis and adjudications of “root-derivative” causation is where this form of treatment modality lies in differential; where mainstream would provide a pill for the condition, I would simply analyze what food allergies or health care products has the malfeasant substance therein.
Concerning the claim made on page one, if someone would like to know how to alleviate cancer naturally, I can explain in detail, and while this can be done naturally, it does take a lot of time and dedication to do so.

note: word on page on is ‘promulgated’;
2. The letters getting switched is due to fluorescent light interfering with radio waves due to radioactivity; so, if they interfere with something that simple, imagine what they do to our minds/bodies;
3. I had a mile long list of purportedly “chronic-conditions” before I went down to the path of this degree plan; now, that list has diminished substantially. First and foremost we have to reprogram the digestive system; since this is our bodies engine, we must learn to place big octane fuel inside of it…regular ‘unlead’ is like processed food, and does not equate to top performance; and this correlates to the mind as well in subsequence. 

Update: December 2017
Doctorate coursework finished; onto PHD in health science. I have completed 6 individual courses since doctorate completion, one part was tri-part tridology certification. Always dream big and stay true to who you are, envision the body as the temple and treat it accordingly to house the spirit.

Race: White
Date of Birth: 12-27-76
Release Date: Parole Eligibility Date: 7-8-2025
Maximum Sentence Date: 7-8-2045
Height: 5'10" 1/2
Religion: I believe in the Lord
Do you smoke? No
Would you like letters from both sexes? Yes
Education: Several Post Doctoral
Occupation before prison: Sales 
Activities in prison: Educational reading, studying law, exercise almost daily, barber (when allowed), studying medical science

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