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Bryant Johnson #1189279
River North Correctional
329 Dellbrook Ln
Independence, VA. 24348

Hello to the free world, I am on this to find someone that I could build with. Someone with the intelligence to see that everyone that is locked up is not a hardened criminal, but some still have dreams and aspirations that they want to accomplish. I am one of those people. A person that has not given up on himself despite the court systems efforts to discourage family, friends, and people like you who take the time and effort to try to get to know me. With how much time they give me may make you second guess the decision. Any one that knows me will tell you that I am a loving individual. A caring person. Most if not all the women I know refers to me as gentle giant, very caring, and protective. This is part of the reason I'm incarcerated. I enjoy such things as reading, movies (all kinds), music (r&b, rap but my favorite is oldies) and trivia games and brain teasers. Are these things that interest you too? If they are, feel free to drop me a few lines by letter or hit me up through jpay.com and sign up download the app. Hope to hear from you soon.

your new friend


Strength is not determined by the amount of muscles you got.
How much money you have or how well you lived.
Who you know or who you can get it from.
Who you took a picture with or what car you drove.
How many chains you have or how you got it.
How many people you killed or guns you shot.
How many people you slept with.
What dishes you eat or how many houses you brought.
What clothes you have or how many bills you paid.
Strength can come from the biggest person to the smallest.
The tallest to the shortest.
The oldest to the youngest.
A single parent that gets up everyday to work 2 jobs to make sure their children live better than the day before.
Strength of a child who studies hard everyday to make it to college to provide a better life for the them and the mother that worked 2 jobs to support them.
Strength is a person sitting in prison for the rest of their life for a crime they didn't commit without jeopardizing there morals and principals.
Overcoming obstacles of everyday life without support from family and friends.
Strength is not measured by the goal you've reached but by the adversity you had to overcome to reach the goal.
Now that's strength.

Race: African-American
Date of Birth: 3-6-85
Height: 6'2"
Earliest Release Date:
Maximum Release Date: Life
Religion: Christian
Would you like letters from both sexes? Women
(This does not refer to sexual orientation)     
Education: High School Grad
Occupation before prison: Stock clerk
Activities in prison: Writing, book club, basketball ref
Can you receive and send emails? Yes, jpay.com

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