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Brandon Griffith #13A4655
Wende Correctional Facility
Wende Road
P.O. Box 1187
Alden, New York 14004-1187

Searching. This is about more than good looks and sweet words, it's the door into the world of a truly unique individual and all his affairs. An attempt to attain a level of consistency is more than a requirement, it's law trust must be established, respect and faith built upon a solid foundation of a loyalty forged. A sense of compassion builds a bond that will be nurtured over time, captivating your mind this isn't a mere walk in the park. It's a journey through a lifetime. The essence of souls connected through an uncomfortable uncontrollable force, destined to become whole. This is a space, where opportunities are endless, where hopes and dreams,wishes are in tune with the truth and on an unadulterated act of sincerity. The prologue to a book yet to be written. Unconditional, far from perfect, yet real no illusions or games, no exceptions, just truth. The results of an open mind, willing heart, and caring soul. A hug for today, smile for tomorrow, and warmth forever. This is less about searching as it is about finding. The trials and tribulations of the pursuit, only justifying the glory of the result. Patience poured into the foundation, and bedded in the fabric of something so pure. A grand design that was first in the heart, and constructed in the mind. Chasing the Dream of something so complete a step at a time, piecing together the puzzle until the results of my own profession. Take a step, join me on a ride, allow yourself the opportunity to experience joy. My hand is extended, ready to be given, ready to begin, I'll open the door, take a step in.

Race: Black/Hispanic
Date of Birth: 6-18-81
Height: 6'1"
Earliest Release Date: 7-13-2016
Maximum Release Date: 7-13-2019
Would you like letters from both sexes? Women
(This does not refer to sexual orientation)     
Education: High school diploma, continuing education
Occupation before prison: Patient care technician
Activities in prison: Working out, studying, reading, legal research, building

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